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  • Clark Ortiz

15 Year Reflection of 9/11

9/11 changed my life as it has many.

In the summer of 1985 my father took me to the top of the twin towers and said that the Lord has something great for us which has to do with the two towers. He explained the goal of our family mission for Global media was hinged on those two towers.

Here is his quote as best as I could remember, "Son, it does not matter how many stations we own or how many countries we broadcast in...there is no greater purpose than what the Lord has for us to do which have to do with these two towers." He continued, "If I die before we see what it is, will you pick up the mantle and run with it?" This request touched my young 15-year heart. He was speaking faith.

We didn't have one TV station. We were not broadcasting in any countries and we haven't even begun to mass apply to the FCC. This was PURE FAITH. I began to could my father speak about dying? It just was an emotional event. We had a moment with tears down our face while tourist walked around us in amazement of the tower views.

I said, "Yes". I never thought he would die before he would see what would become of the twin towers. We stood our ground, believing there was a great plan of God for our lives dealing with those towers. After he passed in the summer of 2000, my commitment to see the mission reached.

Upon his passing, our family owned 32 TV stations and broadcasting on 2 TV networks, which one of those networks reached all of latin America. The network was Enlace. The following year our influence and ministry broadcast expanded as a wildfire. It was as if he was in heaven opening doors for networks, tv stations, and other broadcast technologies.

Before 9-11-2001 we could be seen on 7 Satellite networks, 2 of which we owned, 55 of our TV stations and over 3000 confirmed TV channels around the world. Our total Global coverage reached 149 countries. India, Egypt, Iraq, China, Phillipeans, and much much more. Then the fateful day of 9/11 happened. The towers came down and our nation's heart shattered.

I was faced with a burning question for the entire day. I locked myself in the office and cried for 7 hours. "What happened to the mission the Lord had over our lives with those towers?" "Was it true that the Lord had something for us to do which was greater than any network or TV channel we were on?" "Was there even a mantle?" These questions may seem small compared to our broadcast presence, but to me, it was the reason I worked so hard.

My focus from 1980 to 2001 was to see my father's God-given mantle be fulfilled. But, with the towers gone...what would that leave me to do. It was that evening, as I was locked in my office in Harlingen Texas that the Lord came and visited me. It was a bolt of lightning. His answer has set me on the completion of the mission for the past 15 years.

This mission has made many question my motives, decisions, and directives. Some within my inner circle even questioned my sanity. Truly this mission is great and it has cost me everything, but the price is so cheap that I would pay it again and again for thousands of years. We are seeing the stage being set for the goal of this mission which was embedded in the mantle my father received and has been passed on to this generation. This mantle was stitched for millennia's and set to sail over 700 years.

This goal is greater than any one man's mission or any church goal. This mandate is greater than any government, government system, king or president. It is a mission which will transcend many who are alive today. I committed to this mission as a 15-year-old boy on top of the Twin Towers and sit here typing these words, 15 years after the Towers fell.

The day the towers fell sounded the beginning of the mission...

More to come. Please remember to comment..

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