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  • Clark Ortiz

Honor Those Who Made You

Greatest people in my life that help make me are my mom and my dad. My father passed away in the year 2000 but the life lessons he left me will last my life.

We sometimes forget to say how valuable they were in our lives. They could be parents or family members, or simply those that mentored you in life and business.

When you learn how to honor those who build you up, the Lord will bring people to you that will honor you. Our heritage is spoken of through the mouth of those that we leave behind.

It's Important to pay it forward putting into the lives of those around us. You can literally live forever if you deposit something in them that they can deposit into someone else.

If you have anyone to honor, those who have mentored you and spoken into your life, I encourage you today give them a call reach out to them. Spend some time connecting with them especially through social media.

Paying it forward is the most valuable lesson that I have learned my entire life. It allows me to have gratitude like never before, period.

Now as you take on the day remember that all that you do is being done because of how they've mentored you. Reward them with your kindness with your love with your grace. Remember, everything you do shines a light on who they were.

Thank you dad, Reverend Carlos ortiz and thank you mom Aracelis Ortiz!

Now lets go take on the day!

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