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  • Clark Ortiz

What To Do With Wealth

Do you know what you would do with wealth?

Would you spend it? Give it? Or grow it?

Would you know how?

Wealth is given to us by measures. When we are faithful with a little bit then we are given more. The God of the universe, or many would say, “The Powers that be”, provides to all. He provides what we should or should not have but it’s us to be a good steward of all that we have.

We begin with our lives. Are you a good steward of your life. Are you investing it in that which will grow. But how?

We should invest in our Children, Friends and Family. How about our community? Invest in those around us.

Invest in those that will produce great dividends. Invest what you have in thought, love And emotion to multiply in your community or sphere of influence.

This is how we build a great community and pay it forward. We are all dealt a measure of success. Let’s sow it into others so we all can grow together.

Now, go take on the day!

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